I am sure we have spent within the IT industry for a while, you’ve encounter some common feelings or conceptions by what it’s prefer to operate in the IT industry. A number of them are true, a number of them aren’t. In the following paragraphs, I list a couple of from the common misconceptions and myths about employed in the IT industry.

Myth #1 – Everybody is private and lacks social skills

It is a common believed that everyone who works in It’s a silent, private person without any social skills. Possibly since this is what it is portrayed in movies – the token IT guy is really a dweeby guy without any social skills who stays in your own home all day long playing video games.

However, since you may have realized, employed in IT will get you dealing with all sorts of people. Sometimes within the IT industry around australia, and it is a really multicultural industry. Sure, the IT industry has not existed as lengthy as other industries, but there’s quite a number of individuals – youthful, older, Indian, European, Asian, Australian, men women, all sorts of individuals with completely different skills and personalities. So, not everybody is private and lacks social skills.

Myth #2 – You are able to fix any computer or digital camera

You most likely get requested this constantly out of your buddies and family – “Hey, you’re employed inside it, are you able to fix my computer?” Or, “Hey, you’re employed inside it, are you able to show me working my DVD Player/TV/security alarmOrother digital camera?”

Yes, you might be able to fix them or demonstrate to them what it is used, however this most likely is not since you operate in IT and most likely is not true for everybody who works within the IT industry. It’s much more of a person factor.

Myth #3 – All IT professionals do is write code in a computer

It’s generally perceived that everything that individuals within the IT industry do involves sitting in a computer for eight hrs each day writing code. Yes, this can be your work, or you might have tried it previously, but it is not what everybody does. Testers, business analysts, project managers, team leaders, technical authors, and all kinds of it professionals have different jobs and not every one of them involve writing code!

Even while a programmer or software engineer, you might not write code all day long. You may even perform unit testing, design systems, write documentation, create diagrams along with other tasks involving your role.

Myth #4 – All of the IT jobs are being sent overseas later on

A well known subject within the IT industry right now is the idea of offshoring or outsourcing. Basically it calls for delivering a few of the IT work that the company needs, to a different company located internationally- therefore, the term “offshoring”. More often than not the job is distributed to India or China, mainly due to the less expensive of operation.

Individuals who read articles or newspapers may learn about this idea and believe that there won’t be any more work left in their own individual country for this professionals. I do not think this is correct. The majority of the work being sent overseas right now involves:

· System or infrastructure support

· Software development

· Networking or hardware maintenance

Nevertheless, a number of these roles still remain local, and you will find still other jobs which are remaining local, especially ones which are required to communicate with business users regularly.

Myth #5 – Bigger information mill always better

People could get this impression in the movies or Television shows – employed by a larger company having a bigger business building is definitely better. However, this most likely comes lower towards the many factors:

· The particular company being considered

· The person that actually works within the IT industry

· The function they perform

· The nation or city they operate in

· Current economic along with other factors

These 4 elements can impact just how it’s to operate in a particular company or just how a specific clients are for hiring IT workers. It might be that the bigger company is preferable to a smaller sized company sometimes, but it is not really a set rule or something like that that’s always true.

Well, there’s five myths concerning the IT industry you will probably have learned about and why I believe they are not the case. What exactly are your ideas? Publish them in the region below!